UUBU 6 Revised Dinner Menu

Every night in November is now accented by our new Dinner Menu. Featuring entrees such as:

Pork Schnitzel
w/ Choice of 2 Side Dishes, Salad

and our

Sauteed Sole
w/ Brown Lemon Butter, Wilted Spinach, Vegetable, Salad

"People want different tastes, different things then what they're exposed to. Food is like Fashion, you need to keep changing just to keep people interested."

- Chef Michael Lench


Soup du jour Cup, $1.50 / Bowl, $3
Assorted Salad Greens
with Garden Vegetables
Hearts of Romaine
with Creamy Parmesan Dressing
Spinach Salad
w/Garden Fall Fruits, Honeyed Walnuts Sweet and Sour Dressing, Blue Cheese
Fried Zucchini and / or
Portobello Mushrooms
Yukon Gold French Fries
with Cheese Sauce
Italian Hoagie
French Bread, Salami, Coppa, Mozzarella, Lettuce, Tomato,
Side of Pasta Salad
Grilled Ham
Swiss Cheese, Pita Bread, Lettuce, Tomato, Side of Pasta Salad
Turkey Burger
Homemade Potato Roll, Lettuce, Tomato, Blue Cheese, Side of Pasta Salad
Chicken Parmigian Sandwich
French Bread, Marinara Sauce, Provolone Cheese, Side Dish
Chicken Strips and French Fries
with Barbecue Sauce
Pork Schnitzel
Choice of 2 Side Dishes, Salad
Chicken Schnitzel
Choice of 2 Side Dishes, Salad
Grilled Chicken, Avocado, Chipotle Sauce
French Bread, Mexican Cheese, Side Dish
Spaghetti with Zucchini, Spinach and Sausage
with Salad
Chicken Fried Steak
Mashed Potatoes, Vegetable, Salad
Cheddar Cheese Burger
6 oz , Fries, Lettuce, Tomato,
Double Burger
Pork Tenderloin
over Wilted Spinach, Dijon Sauce, 2 Sides, Salad
Cheese Ravioli
Marinara Sauce, Parmesan Cheese, Salad

Large garden salad
with Vegetables, Cheese

w/ Grilled Chicken $6.50

w/ Grilled Salmon $9.00

w/ Grilled Steak $8.00

Pasta Carbonara
Bacon, Peas, Salad
Sauteed Sole
Brown Lemon Butter, Wilted Spinach, Vegetable, Salad
Seared Salmon
Asian Glaze, Spaghetti Squash, Vegetable, Salad
Pumpkin Risotto Cakes
Eggs Open, Spinach, Pumpkin Seed Oil Drizzle

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